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TapToTalk Frequently Asked Questions YES! You can run TapToTalk on as
many devices as you wish. No extra charge.

Are the child and adult versions different?

How does TapToTalk work?

What is an Album?

What is TapToTalk Designer?

Who uses TapToTalk Designer?

What languages are supported?

Who uses TapToTalk Home? Pro? Agency?

What do I need to use TapToTalk?

Does TapToTalk use text-to-speech?

What kind of picture files can I upload?

How does TapToTalk sync to my device?

Does my device need an Internet connection?

Do I need to buy a data plan for my device?

Will TapToTalk run on my Android device?

Are the child and adult versions different? top
TapToTalk Designer and the TapToTalk player apps are the same for adults and children. There are no different versions.

However, we have found that some adults are reluctant to consider using a "kid" app. So we have an adult version of our website and a child version to speak to these two different audiences about how they can "get a voice."

How does TapToTalk work? top
TapToTalk displays a page of pictures on the screen. When you tap a picture, TapToTalk plays a word or sentence and displays another page of pictures. Each of those pictures can lead to another page, and so on, up to ten levels deep.

For example, a picture representing Food can lead to a page with pictures of Fruit, Vegetables, Sandwiches, Snacks and other foods, up to twelve pictures per page.

When a picture is tapped, its sound plays.

Optionally, text can also be displayed for each picture. And with the TapToTalk Web App, you can print out all the pictures used in your TapToTalk.

The TapToTalk Player App syncs with your TapToTalk pictures and sounds as needed when you are online, each time they are run. Alternatively, you can sync offline, from your computer.

What is TapToTalk Designer? top
TapToTalk Designer is a web site you use to easily build a collection of TapToTalk pictures, arranged on pages. Each collection of pictures is called an album. TapToTalk Designer gives you access to a large library of pictures, sounds, and a "pre-built" starter album. You can also add your own pictures and sounds.

When you are done building albums, you 'publish' them to the device of your choice. In fact, you can publish to any or all of these! So you can run TapToTalk on your choice of devices.

TapToTalk Designer is where your pictures and sounds are stored. They will always be there. You can get to TapToTalk Designer from anywhere you can get an internet connection.

As a user's needs change, you can change TapToTalk to meet them with TapToTalk Designer!

Who uses TapToTalk Designer? top
TapToTalk Designer can be used by a parent or other relative, guardian, teacher, therapist, or anyone caring for or providing services to a TapToTalk user.
What do I need to use TapToTalk? top

TapToTalk Android App
Many Android devices can run the TapToTalk Android App. Because of the wide variety of Android devices, we recommend that you try the free app from the Android Market to see how it runs on your device.

TapToTalk iPhone/iPad App
Any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can run the TapToTalk iPhone/iPad App. (However, the first generation iPod touch has no speakers).

TapToTalk Web App
Almost any computer with Internet access can run the TapToTalk Web App.

TapToTalk Designer
To use the TapToTalk Designer web site, you need a PC running Windows XP or later, a Macintosh running OS X, or an iPad. TapToTalk Designer can be used on Windows with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome web browsers, on Macintosh with Firefox or Safari, and on iPad with Safari.

The TapToTalk Starter Kit includes an adapter for your computer that you use with TapToTalk Designer to write to the TapToTalk card.

To record sounds, you need a microphone for your computer.

Will TapToTalk run on my Android device? top
There are so many different Android devices that we urge you to try the free TapToTalk App available in the Android Market on your device before getting TapToTalk Designer.

For more information on Android device requirements, see Technical Requirements and Android FAQs.

How does TapToTalk sync to my device? top
You have your own private "mailbox" on our server where your published albums are stored. When you publish your albums, they go into the "mailbox."
  1. Your TapToTalk is just a set of one or more of your albums. When you added your TapToTalk to Designer and named it, Designer gave you a unique number for that TapToTalk. That is your "mailbox" number which we call a TapToTalk ID. You either gave the TapToTalk a password then or the first time that you published your albums. Your password is the "key" to the mailbox. Your "mailbox" is on the TapToTalk Designer server "in the cloud." If you bought more than one TapToTalk, you get different TapToTalk IDs for each one.
  2. On your device, you use the Settings App to enter the TapToTalk ID and password, and you turn on the "Download Albums" option. When "Download Albums" is "ON" you are telling the TapToTalk App to check the mailbox automatically.
  3. Each and every time you run the free TapToTalk App on the device, it checks to see if there are new albums in the "mailbox." If there are, the app downloads the content from the server and stores it on the device. All this happens as the app is starting up. You'll see messages like "Downloading Albums" and "Extracting Content" when this happens.

If your Device is not connected, you will get a message that tells you it is not connected. To be honest, we wish we didn't have to have that message come up, but Apple makes us do it. You can turn download albums "OFF" if you don't like the message, but remember to turn it back "ON" the next time you publish.

There is one difference between our server and a mailbox. Your albums can be picked up by as many devices as you have that use your TapToTalk ID and password. It's like the mailbox is never really empty. Your device, the school's device, whatever, can all pick up the same mail. (That’s how we distribute the "free additional content" that you may have tried. It's a public "mailbox" and key we let everyone use.)

Also, the device doesn't have to be in same room, state or even on the same continent as your computer. It's all in the "cloud." Just like your email, you can get it from anywhere your device can connect to the Internet.

The same process described above is how TapToTalk works on the iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Amazon Fire, Android devices, the Nook Color and Tablet, and the Nabi Tablet. There is also a way to download albums to these devices through a Windows PC or Mac computer if the device itself is not online. All of this is explained in Designer's online help.

Does my device need an Internet connection? top

Apple and Android Apps
You can use the TapToTalk Apps for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android anywhere without an Internet connection. However, installing these apps on your device and downloading (syncing) albums is easier when the device is connected via WiFi or 3g/4g.

If you are connected:

  • You can use TapToTalk to communicate.
  • Apple: You can install the TapToTalk App directly from the App Store.
  • Android: You can install the TapToTalk App directly from the Android Market.
  • Both: Your device can sync new or changed albums anywhere, anytime.

If you are not connected:

  • You can use TapToTalk to communicate.
  • Apple: You can install the TapToTalk App and download new or changed albums through iTunes when your device is connected to your computer.
  • Android: You can download the TapToTalk App and download new or changed albums to your Android device when connected to your PC in Mass Storage mode.

Web App
Computers running the Web App need an Internet connection.

Do I need to buy a data plan for my device? top
No, you do not need a data plan to use TapToTalk on these devices. Your cellular provider may require it, but we do not.
  • Your can use TapToTalk on you Apple or Android device with no Internet connection.
  • The iPad and Android tablets have WiFi, which allows you to connect to the Internet without a data plan using your WiFi at home, work or favorite hotspot.

A data plan gives you the additional capability of accessing the Internet when WiFi is not available. But the data plan is only available where you have cellular coverage.