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User Reviews
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TapToTalk gave my son a voice after a lifetime of silence. I am forever grateful except now I can't get him to shut up! Thanks!
Michelle LaRue, Parent
My son asked me for fruit, apples, bananas and oranges and took the iPad over to the fruit bowl. I gave him the BIGGEST fruit salad you have ever seen. This is my favourite app and we have tried many over the past years,
Sarah Alderson, Parent
You will be amazed at what your child will say to you and to others with this app. We purchased TapToTalk a few years ago and it gave our daughter Kaitlyn a voice. She is 16 years old and this IS her mode of communication.
Susan Tarr, Parent
We love this app. I have it installed on my son's (23 years old) iPad and iPod, my phone, husband's phone, sister's phone and his one-to-one helper's phone. We also used an assistive device by Prentke Romich which he has used for years and was very expensive. but TapToTalk is our "go to" most of the time. So convenient when out of the house and being able to install on multiple devices.
Debbie Mullen Nimmo, Parent
I downloaded the free app and my non-verbal son started using it. I actually cried the first time as it was like he was speaking to me.
Stacey McPherson, Parent
I’m so excited about the TapToTalk app we are using on our Android tablet! My son Alessandro is communicating a lot with it. He has Autism and is non-verbal. For the first time he is able to ask for different things, such as different games. He communicates when he’s hungry, even though he lets us know loud and clear already without it when he whines loudly, but now he will be able to communicate in a more calm manner. He is now able to tell us exactly what he wants, and even how he feels about certain things. This is so awesome! I asked him how he felt in different places such as school and home. He says he’s happy in school, and sometimes frustrated on the bus ride (the bus assistant told me he got upset because another kid was in "his" spot on the bus). He says he is happy with us at home and sometimes irritated with his younger brother Anthony--probably because of Anthony’s fighting and bossiness. He also says he is sometimes upset with me and dad at times that we’ve yelled. He had me saying “awww” for a moment and then explaining why we have to do it sometimes, which he already knows. This is a huge breakthrough for us. Communication was always one way for us, but now we can actually know for sure how he feels about something. I love these apps. They provide such a relief to families like ours. Thank you TapToTalk.
Diana Mina, Parent
Thank you TapToTalk. I put my grandson's favorite restaurant pictures in an album. I got them from each one's web site where they also have pictures of their menu. So it starts out with the general restaurant icon, which goes to a pic of the restaurant, and from there it goes to pictures of the menu. Today he 'said' he wanted Burger King and have their french fries, but instead Papaw wanted to go to Cracker Barrel. He touched 'Yuk!' We didn't know he does not like to go there! Regardless, we did, and he ordered for himself: macaroni, mashed potatoes, and chocolate milk. He'll soon be 10 and we are just now learning about his likes and dislikes and getting to know the real Conner! Thank you, TapToTalk!
Bonnie Thompson, Grandparent
My daughter used her iPod with TapToTalk for 2 years. Her speech more than doubled, and she is easier to understand. She still uses it for ordering at restaurants, but at home, we don't have trouble understanding her now.
Katy Jean Fink, Parent
TapToTalk made it possible for me to understand what my granddaughter wants, needs and likes. I began to understand her personality so much more. It is the most amazing device!
Joy Martin, Grandmother
For the first time ever, 9-year-old Conner asked for "French fries, please!" We couldn't be happier! Thank you, TTT!
Bonnie Thompson, Parent
Thank you TapToTalk for this app. You have been a big part in getting my child to where he is today. He is using his own voice now and is not using your app as much anymore. We love everything that you have accomplished. Words cannot express the joy when you hear your 5-year-old finally use his own voice. You helped this happen. Again I thank you.
Melissa Garst, Parent
TapToTalk has saved my son's life twice by giving him a voice. I will forever be thankful! His stimmimg and pinching himself and others once viewed as "behaviors" are significantly reduced with the ability to "speak" when in medical distress. The behaviors were medical symptoms of high/low blood glucose. David can now (use TapToTalk to) ask for juice to raise his blood glucose or his testing kit to check and treat high blood glucose. Instead of a behavior plan, his teachers now know he needs medical help! A high risk of seizure or even death was our daily reality because his Autism prevents him from tolerating wearing a pump. Thank you for the peace of mind TapToTalk has brought to his life and ours.
Heather Ball Houston, Parent
I've got the Kindle Fire for my 17-year-old son who has autism and we are finding the (TapToTalk) app fantastic in just a few weeks! He has picked it up so well and is so proud of himself to use it. It is totally amazing after 17 years without having a voice, he can now communicate, just amazing! Thank you so much!
Rachael Barlow, Parent
TapToTalk was the first app my daughter used when she got her iPod a few years ago. We shed many happy tears as she easily found and pointed to pictures and used her "voice" to tell us what she wanted to do, or to eat and drink. Thank you for starting my daughter on this journey towards independence!
Becky Brown, Parent
I recommended TapToTalk for two of the children I work with. They were diagnosed with autism and they have speech difficulties. The results are great. Thank you for a great app!
Amira Ohana, Behavioral Analyst
My son aged 9 who has AS (Angelman Syndrome) loves using TapToTalk. Last week I started to read a book and he brought over his iPad and used it to say "I want to go to the library." I was thrilled and we went book hunting for him in the local library the following day!
Mary Doyle, Parent
One of my clients is flying on his TapToTalk. He has a page to order his fast food and on it there is a request for a balloon. The other day they had gone to the fast food place, he got his balloon, but it was left in the car. Later he got out his TapToTalk and used it to tell his brother to go get his balloon out of the car for him. What they want to say when they want to say it! What a gift you have given so many people!
Barbara Hallahan, Speech Therapist
My first year to hear Merry Christmas (from my son on his TapToTalk)! We have had the program one year today and my son has gone from using about four pictures per page to using about 350 pictures in sentence format!
Jess Spangler, Parent
Caleb can tell us so much now! Weep with gratitude that he finally can tell us. After all these years! He is ten.
Scott Foote, Parent
We love TapToTalk! Especially the fact that we can store our own pictures and our own words for our son Johannes who has Down Syndrome.
Bernhard and Joyce Gildemeister, Parents
My husband and I had searched for several years for a way for our daughter to communicate with us. We needed one that was user friendly for parents (that are not speech therapists), flexible in creating so that it could be individualized to our daughter's needs, AND affordable. TapToTalk is all of these, so, I cannot thank you enough for your forward thinking and compassion for the huge population of non-verbal people. Just saying.
Susan Tarr, Parent
We have TapToTalk on our Kindle Fire and my 4-year-old autistic son thinks it's great, although him pressing the "I want" button and "to go to the playground" at 11:00 at night is "cute." Although my son is becoming more verbal, it's been a blessing with him being able to hear and see a picture to learn how to say what he wants.
Carol Reed, Parent
I have a success story with an adult who had never spoken before February of this year. She is now speaking and using TapToTalk on a smart phone. She is even learning to read and write. Key Point: The investment in TapToTalk does not shut the door on total communication. It opens it.
Barbara Hallahan, SLP
I am a happy user of TapToTalk, but today it made miracles happen. For the first time, my 20-year-old, non-verbal son, David, used the customized program to touch the red Help icon and ask for his diabetes testing kit. He was very high and needed immediate medical attention. His insulin apparently was bad and not working. We wouldn't have known he was in trouble till his next testing time an hour away...or he began vomiting. TapToTalk has been a lifeline! Thank you!
Heather Ball Houston, Parent
My son is 12 years old and wheelchair bound due to cerebral palsey. He loves this new TapToTalk app, we have downloaded it to our Kindle Fire. To my surprise it didn't take long for him to figure it out...because of the photos that children know, it's easy to use and fun. Having the TapToTalk Android app has given him a voice and the ability to speak in a whole new way.
Jenn, Parent
We have just started (4 weeks) using TapToTalk with our son, Pierce, who has Angelmen Syndrome. This morning he asked me for a glass of water and his Muller rice...totally in context. Thanks for this new beginning!
Mary Doyle, Parent
Added this to our iPad and has been the best thing ever. Now Jewel can communicate her needs and feelings. And I'm so surprised at how quickly she picked it up. Love it.
Vanessa Rodriguez, Parent
They [school staff] were actually excited to use it after seeing how excited our Max was at being able to express himself. His inability to express himself at all had become a major behavioral issue. Thank you TapToTalk!
Diane Cook, Parent
Your program is great and really helps my son who is nonverbal and autistic.
Shawn Holderby, Parent
I am excited about this app and being able to use it on the iPad. My daughter's old device is very heavy which is a deterrent to bringing it places. An iPad weighs hardly anything and with this app she can still communicate. And the cost of the program and the iPad are nothing compared to the headache and hoops we had to go through to get my daughter her much much much more expensive device. Thank you so much for making it easier for kids that are non-verbal. I love it!
Christy Halla Beebe, Parent
We're in the same situation, have moved from an expensive, heavy device to an iPod touch with the TapToTalk app, also used on iPad at school and on my own iPod touch as a back up. Great app, fantastic that it can be downloaded on numerous devices too.
Elaine Rohan, Parent
We were also in the same situation! We are now on iPod touch as well as iPad, and backups on our smart phones so we have it [TapToTalk] no matter where we are.
Fay Bareham, Parent
My son, at age 50 (with Down syndrome), has not spoken for 40 years, communicating with body language and grunts. He began to use the TapToTalk album speech within a few days, having caught on quickly. The TapToTalk programs have been a marvel. This brilliant program is amazing in its extensiveness as to what it does to help the user create an application customized for a particular child regardless of age. The program has many hard copy tutorials in addition to several videos showing how to create and edit the albums that will eventually wind up on the child's device--iPod, iPad, and the like. Features include an extensive icon and sound library, easy uploading of one's own photos to be used for icons, and talk from text or recording of your voice. A daughter-in-law, with my hints and suggestions, created a practice album and published it to an iPad in about two hours! All the icons were uploaded photos with her voice recordings.
Joe Wiley, Parent
My 11-year-old son's TapToTalk vocabulary is growing constantly. He is now taking his own photos, we help him put the synthesized voice to them so it is uniquely his voice. He cruises through all the levels of folders with no problems. About a week ago I added a folder of places to eat (the logos) to our son's TapToTalk. Today he chose where we were going. He chose Golden Corral. When we pulled up, he smiled one of the most beautiful smiles I think I have ever seen. It was the first time he actually was able to pick where we were going to eat. (Not my favorite place but I really didn't care after that smile.) Thanks again to you folks at TapToTalk for giving him his own voice!
Fay Bareham, Parent
My 9-year-old autistic son loves TapToTalk. He is verbal but when he is angry or gets frustrated he uses this app to talk. Thank you! God bless.
Marilyn Hunt, Parent
I can't put into words the doors you have opened for my son, who hasn't really had a 'voice' for the last 19 years and now uses TapToTalk to express who he is, and what he wants. I can never thank you enough.
Heather Ball Houston, Parent
I recently visited my godson in Texas. He has autism...I had heard about TapToTalk, but nothing had prepared me for his unprompted communication efforts! While his mom was out doing chores, he came to me and asked for specific food choices. I never thought I'd get to experience that with him. I was so excited I wanted to take him out to a restaurant right away to buy him what he asked for...wanted to say thanks from a grateful godmom.
Lyn Johnson, Godmother
My son started using (TapToTalk) at 28 months, and he can now tell me things like when he wants to relax with pizza and a dvd. He's three now. He looks very proud of himself when he is presented with that which he requested using TapToTalk. He takes his to his early childhood program on a Nook Color. His teachers love it.
Christi Westerdale, Parent
I tell everyone who will listen, especially those we know with non-verbal kiddos, that YOU have given our daughter a voice! Last week, my husband was offering our daughter several choices of cereal for breakfast, she kept pushing the boxes of cereal away. She got up, got her iPad and handed it to him to turn on. Once on TapToTalk, our daughter went to the "I want to eat" album and touched "I want scrambled eggs." My husband said, "Oh, you don't want cereal, you want scrambled eggs." Our daughter clapped her hands (what she does when we understand her) and sat down at the table AND patiently waited for her eggs to be cooked!
Susan Tarr, Parent
My son is 11 years old. He has had various speech devices over the years but they have been bulky and hard to carry so it was not something he was interested in. His iPod looks just like his dad's phone. He can clip it on his belt just like Dad. It's cool to him. One day he had what my friend called a 'Helen Keller moment' where he suddenly realized that he was 'talking' due to TapToTalk and the iPod. For the first time he feels as if he has a voice of his own. Now he won't let it out of his sight. TapToTalk has made for several moments of HAPPY tears for us.
Fay Bareham, Parent
TapToTalk changed our lives! My 4-year-old son uses it all the time now...he told his teacher on the first day of school, "I want to go home. Mommy. Mommy. Mommy..." I didn't even know he knew those pictures meant anything since he'd never used them with me!
Lynn Pennington Munger, Parent
Oh yes, TapToTalk is a life changer! How the world looks at my son who has Down Syndrome, how he views his abilities, amazing!
Jill Mather, Parent
Loaded it in the evening, the next morning my little guy told me what he wanted for breakfast! He'd NEVER used a communication device before!
A Parent
Kevin is not very verbal, and it's extremely rare to hear him say an entire sentence. When he opened TapToTalk, he first tapped the Toilet icon, which says, "I have to go to the bathroom" out loud. After the application said this phrase, Kevin repeated it. We all looked at him in excited disbelief--he's not one of the kids who frequently repeats instructions from people or conversations that he overhears, he sticks to basic words and strings a couple of them together. Of course, Kevin went back and journeyed into the "food" section and proceeded to make the application say, "I want to eat a (insert food here.)" and repeated the phrase. This successful interaction was very encouraging!
Jack Kieffer, Kevin's Friend
When I tried the test drive on my son, it was perfect as it required minimal navigation through the pictures. He did not have to "find" them. The choices just opened up for him. I am grateful for the affordable price. Otherwise, my son would not have this opportunity. Thank you.
A Parent
This (video) is Morgan's introduction to her new portable communication device the TapToTalk. Morgan has Cohen Syndrome and is nonverbal, she has been using AAC for communication but we were looking for something portable and affordable for her when we are on the go. This great software can be used on multiple applications. Morgan is thrilled at this new option for communication.
Lisa Simonson McElhinney, Parent
If my son has to have autism, I am glad it's in this age of technology when there's TapToTalk to help him. Thanks for your help today and for developing such an important product at an affordable cost!
Jane Sundmacher, Parent
My 85-year-old father has suffered from Parkinson's for several years. Between lost speech and minimal use of his hands, he was very frustrated. Today I dropped an iPad in his lap, and fired up the TapToTalk I set up for him. It was a pleasure to see his big smile as he tried it out, and had no problem using it. His favorite button is "I hate doctors!"
"Oldfart" Smith, Son
I just want to say that I love this program. It's a great tool for my son who has autism and I really like the fact that I can use it on the DS.
Karina Huertas, Parent
My 9-year-old daughter is non-verbal but loves to tell us what she wants! She has a Dynavox, but because of the complexity of programming, we are giving it up. Thank you for providing such a great product for those who need it most! This population gets overlooked and over-charged, thank you for not falling into that category.
Amber Johannes, Parent
I am currently working on this programme with my 13-year-old non-verbal child! On iPad. He loves it and school are also backing us up...I have found it easy to programme.
Tracy Graham, Parent
It works excellent with my children. Two are autistic, and I just asked my daughter "what do you want" and she pressed "a smoothie" and then repeated it...it's working well for me, I use mine through my Nook Color, thought I'd share!
Santiea Dawn Skinner, Parent
We just recently started using TapToTalk with our 4-year-old on his iPad. It's absolutely amazing. He is autistic so it now travels back and forth with him from school. His teacher and paras have been very excited about the possibilities it holds!
Sarah Williams Maize, Parent
Our daughter is 12 years old and non-verbal. She took to TapToTalk quickly and is now able to communicate a lot of her wants, needs, and feelings. This app is truly a gift to our daughter and us.
Susan Tarr, Parent
Our son's school just got him an iPad so we've moved (TapToTalk) from the Nintendo to a larger, easier to use format. This really underscores the value of TapToTalk's multiple platform design. Thanks again for all the great work!
Tomas Saucedo, Parent
I wanted to say thank you because it allows my non-verbal daughter to tell me her basic needs. Last night she wanted milk, and unbeknownst to me she turned the iPod on, went to the TapToTalk App, and got the milk request ready for when I came into her room! It was so awesome. I love that she can tell me things now, and your app is so easy to use.
Becky Brown, Parent
You are rocking my daughter's silent world of Rett Syndrome! Thank you!
Ted Malinoski, Parent
My daughter "told" me that she "loved" and wanted a hug for the first time, on her 9th birthday! She got the (TapToTalk) for her birthday present. Thank you!
Amanda Perkins, Parent
I was blown away. Here is a program that does everything the real fancy and expensive devices do, but playable on a DS. I played around on it for a minute, and couldn't believe how easy this was to use. In three presses of the screen, I said 'red, juice, please.' That might not sound like a lot to some people, but to a parent of a non verbal child, it's a whole new world... To him it's like playing a game, but to us, he is communicating. With this, now he can say, I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, and in our case I need to go to the potty.
John Pompa, Parent
Seeing Hudson who is non-verbal have a way to express his intelligence now is utterly priceless! We are so excited! There are plenty of AAC apps out there but we chose TapToTalk because of its visual appeal to a preschooler; the symbols are bright, fun and obvious in their meaning. It's great! Hudson simply taps a symbol and it speaks. For example he taps the picture of a ball and his iPad says, "I would like to play with a ball please." Too cool!
Rebecca Curry, Parent
I just started to work with this program for my daughter who is non-verbal and currently uses PECS to communicate. I cannot believe how easy it is to use your program! The video tutorials are great!
Peggy Colorado, Parent
I took my son to school this morning. He does not want to be there. He opens up his DS with his TapToTalk and says "I'm sad" and I said "Why?" and he touched "My mom went away." I wanted to cry, this was a first for me and him telling me his emotions. I said "I am staying for a while" and then he pushed "I'm happy." I held back my tears of joy for this is huge for my son who is completely nonverbal and autistic.
Naomi Smith-Long, Parent
My son is 6 years old and diagnosed with autism. I took pictures of him, family, members, our house, his toys, etc. and put sentences to each picture. For instance, his picture says 'my name is Tyler.' I would say within 2 days, Tyler began to say his name for the first time.
Chris Statham, Parent
Dare I say this is the best thing since sliced bread! Our doctor is so totally amazed at how my son can whip out his iPod touch and communicate.
Jill Mather, Parent
So excited. My 21-year-old was able to order her breakfast at a fast food restaurant today. She is very good with the iPod, so she has food, plus a restaurant level with separate menus for each restaurant. She asked for biscuit, then clicked egg. Went to drinks, and asked for large, then went to soda and asked for Coke. She is semi-verbal, but can't be understood unless you know her well. She uses TapToTalk on the iPod for clarification purposes.
Katy Jean Fink, Parent
TapToTalk is the most amazing tool. My son, age 9 who has Down Syndrome is communicating with it in ways he never has before. It is so cool to have him utilize his iPod! Thank you from my heart. And this is just the free version. When we can, the purchase of the other version is going to make even a bigger difference in all of our lives! Thanks so much for a brighter future for all of us.
Jill Mather, Parent
I am working with a 6-year-old with Mowat-Wilson syndrome. He is using the Nintendo version of TapToTalk appropriately. He has been able to communicate novel statements. He is even trying to repeat the phrases we have programmed into it. He was not doing as well with other alternative communication methods. I am delighted we have found something he enjoys that is not hard to programme.
Barbara Hallahan, SLP
Finally something better then carrying a big Dynavox V and worrying that your child is going to drop it and you have to get it fixed once again...So excited!
Rebecca Rachels Rawlings, Parent
We love your product! We have a 5-year-old son with severe Apraxia and I am buliding multiple libraries for him to use. The price is reasonable and he does not have to carry the huge keyboard-type thing around to express himself. You all should be very proud of what you do! Thank you!
Mike Carlin, Parent
After playing with TapToTalk in the car, she (used it to) let me know she was frustrated because she was hungry and wanted steak and a smoothie. I started to cry. It was my first actual conversation with my kid in 8 years. Someone told me that she was mindlessly pushing buttons. But I know my child, I know her facial expressions. She had a eureka moment when she hit the button and she ended up with a milkshake and a piece of steak. Yes! You best believe I went out to the grocery and bought her a steak after all of that.
Amanda Perkins, Parent
In addition to another AAC device that my daughter uses, TapToTalk has also now become an integral part of her life (as well as our entire family, school personnel, and SLPs she works with), helping her communicate in ways that otherwise would not be available to her. As I myself have become a pretty knowledgeable user in setting up and modifying the information on her TTT on a weekly basis, I was glad to help at the ARCC (Apraxia Resource Center of Connecticut) conference and take the time to educate and/or inform others about your product, as there are many advantages over other AAC devices that we personally have seen and/or used thus far.
Cindi Policki, Parent
Thank you for your help...the programs (albums) are how I want them to be now. This product is exceptional and this help has been incredible. The school and I are very grateful. Thank you.
A New York Educator
Finally shared this with our IEP team today. Now working on getting the albums for school set up. Thank you for giving our children a voice! School district is buying the program to have at school too! They can also now encourage other children/parents to use it!
Adrienne Dobrocke Bievenue, Parent
We love you TapToTalk! Without you we'd still be waiting on our school to get us a device, but once we found you, our son has a voice on his DS and our iPhones! Thanks!
Carolyn Gonzalez-Galvan, Parent
I can't afford the augmentative devices but knew I wanted something that would help (my son) since he has limited emerging language and had been non-communicative for years. This was a godsend! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
A Florida Parent
I just wanted to let you know we love your product. My daughter with autism is almost eight years old and is nonverbal. She lights up with a big smile when she pushes a picture and hears the voice request something. We are looking forward to using the TapToTalk at school and with her friends this year.
Sandy La Grand, Parent
I am floored...speechless...this product is a dream come true for me and for so many other parents of non-verbal kids! Taking advantage of the technology available is amazing. Thank you for finding another tool for my son.
Heather Oliver-Hamilton, Parent
My son is almost 10 but is much like a toddler in ways. He does a fine job using TapToTalk and they use it at school with him as well.
Crystal Wright Daso, Parent
My son used it at school starting last year. He was 4 then. He has no trouble using it and only needs occasional cueing to attempt speech attempts while using it. Otherwise he is completely independant with it.
Marne Shanklin, Parent
I would say (you can use it as young as) around 2. It takes some fine motor skills depending on how small the pictures are. I started very simple with my son and gradually made it more challenging. He is doing great!
Jennifer Randall Hayden, Parent
My son is Aspergic and even though he can talk he cannot state an emotion without seeing the face that matches how he feels. So thank you, you have given my specking (little) boy a better voice.
Lee Purcell, Parent, New South Wales, Australia
The school ordered it first and it is amazing. So we are now getting one for home.
A Nebraska Parent
Through research on various programs to assist non-verbal students, TapToTalk rated the highest and had the best reviews. I purchased this for a student in my school district and hope to purchase more in the future to assist other students.
A Texas Educator
Thanks so much! I love you guys! My non-verbal child loves you too!
A Massachusetts Parent
I was looking at apps on my new iPod touch when I saw your free trial app. I was actually going to purchase another AAC app for my child, but TapToTalk worked wonderfully for her. Thank you!
A Minnesota Parent
When looking at several different iPad software AAC products, I contacted all the vendors with simple questions anyone could answer. TapToTalk's support came out as a clear winner. TapToTalk couldn't be any simpler to use. It's design is exactly like I would have done.
Michael Needham, Parent
Thank you for helping my family by giving my son a voice when he doesn't have one.
A Canadian Parent
This is a dream come true! I am a mother of a 9-year-old boy who has ASD. He has some speech but is not that great communicating. This is going to help him so much and it won't even point him out as different because it's a game machine that every child has. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart for finally making my child feel average!
Nicole Lynn MacNeil, Parent
Emel told me she wants me to make her a McDonalds album for her TapToTalk so she can order her own food. That's my job for tomorrow. She just loves her TapToTalk. Thank you.
Caroline Louise Curran, Parent
My son is starting to get the hang of TapToTalk and we are having a blast building his albums! Thank you so much. I am going to shout the praises of your product and technical support from the rooftops and to anyone who will listen to me. A great inexpensive, fun, socially acceptable, voice output device. It is great and we love the DSi XL to run it on. Big screen easy for him to tap on given some very significant fine motor issues.
Erica Weber, Parent
I too will shout praises from the rooftops! Wonderful product. Nintendo and TapToTalk make learning fun!
Dixie Blackstock, Parent
Our Malachi is 9 years old and nonverbal. He has Autism and is at the low functioning end of the spectrum. Malachi has been using this for several months now and transports it between school and home. We had a planning meeting a couple months ago at school with the assistive device lady to figure out how best to make this work. So it now has albums loaded up for school use and he can click on "I need a break" and then picks what he wants to use in the "break room." He can use it to say how he's feeling, what he wants to eat, etc. I highly recommend this program to anyone. Support at TapToTalk is so fast to respond. They’ve been incredible. So if you have a child who would benefit from a way to get what they want to say out, check it out. It's been amazing for our family and it's just so affordable. Especially since many kids already have the device anyway.
Crystal Daso, Parent
I have been having so much fun designing my student's TapToTalk. Social interaction is a big part of a child's life. I have one screen of feelings. She loves to go over and tell her friends, "I like you, you're my friend" with her TapToTalk. I also have a pic of someone getting pinched and I recorded the words, "don't pinch me it hurts." On the play screen, I have a picture of a nurse and if she chooses that it goes to all the things in the dramatic play center we have set up for our doctor's office: shot, bandaid, stethoscope, etc.
Joanne O'Leary, Special Ed. Teacher, Fort Collins CO
We just got our TapToTalk...over the moon. More orders on the way. The children love it. Thank you.
We use the TapToTalk as Emily's communication device. Emily is 7 and has used PECS since she was 4. I decided that the PECS weren't travel friendly and it was annoying that those little velcro pieces would be found all over. (See Maria's Review Video)
Maria Orofino Yakkey, Parent
Got mine and my son's school ordered one as well! LOVE IT!
Krista Bruno Vaughan, Parent
I work for an agency that provides support to people with Autism in residential settings. I purchased this product for a 17-year-old non-verbal girl who has severe tantrums due to the lack of expressive communication. She is still learning how to use it proficiently but she picked up on the basics very quickly. She loves it! It took me a little bit to navigate the set up program but once I figured it out I was able to build a personalized and effective library for her. I love that I was able to incorporate pictures of her family and program my voice (because she's a girl and she needs a girl voice). The instructional videos online where very helpful. This program is VERY inexpensive compared to the other bulky hard to use augmentative devices that can run from $1500 to $3000. Not to mention the Nintendo DS systems are socially acceptable because every kid I know (and some adults too) carry these around everywhere. Our company is excited about this and we will be getting more for other participants that we support.
Kimberly Lehuanani Andrus
TapToTalk has been great for a little girl in my class who has severe apraxia. She is very smart but the words just can't come out. We got the TapToTalk set up and she carried it around very proudly. With no prompting, she took the TapToTalk over to an adult in the room carrying the valentine heart she just cut and pasted and colored, and she went through the pictures on the TapToTalk and selected all the things she used for the heart she made. The scissors the glue and yes the marker, but not any marker; she tapped the picture of the marker and eight colors came up and she picked the blue one. And guess what? She did use a blue marker. She was so proud to share. She loves the TapToTalk so much that she even took it with her in the bathroom! We had to explain that it would be safer in her cubby.
Joanne O'Leary, Special Ed. Teacher, Fort Collins CO
I have found that TapToTalk is easy to use. My son enjoys it and it is easy to carry around. One of the nicest features of this system is that using the Nintendo to communicate with doesn't make him stand out among other children.
Tammy Lessick, Parent
(My son) was able to say Merry Christmas to everyone this year for the first time, thanks to TapToTalk. It really made it a special Christmas.
A North Carolina Parent
TapToTalk is quite something. My son loves it! Thank you.
A Canadian Parent
I've been using it with him since he's been home from school...he's used it to tell me what snack he wants to eat twice and that he wants water. He's able to click on the first screen like the "I'm hungry" picture to get to the food pictures I uploaded. I searched for pictures of Lay's, rice cakes and Eggo waffles so that (there) could be pictures for what he actually is asking for. He was able to click on the "drinks" picture to take him to where he selects water.
A Wisconsin Parent
With the TapToTalk, he is now communicating independently. I believe that this will be a great asset for school work. I can set up a screen for multiple choices, A, B, C, D and E. Independently, he will be able to answer questions that are presented as multiple choice.
A North Carolina Parent
Since we started using the TapToTalk, he (autistic son) has been independent with communication. The first time he used this was to communicate what he wanted to eat and drink for supper. The smile on his face was amazing. He answered quickly and was rewarded with what he wanted. Since then, he has used it to tell us how he feels and where he wants to go.
Tammy Lessick, Parent
It's working great! We have introduced it to our child, and he can already request juice and Oreos. The word is spreading like wildfire here in Charleston about this thing! Our ABA consultant is in love with it, as are all the teachers and therapists.
Tanya Sanders, Parent
TapToTalk has helped my client with autism to continue to function independently both at home and in the community. It is handy, user friendly, inconspicuous and affordable!
Rajashree Srirangarajan, Speech Therapist

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