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Using TapToTalk in Your Professional Practice

TapToTalk Designer gives speech therapists and other special needs professionals a powerful tool to build their practices and provide better services to clients. They key feature that enables this is called "TapToTalk Sharing."

With TapToTalk Sharing, you can use your Designer account to create and maintain AAC content for your client's TapToTalk without you paying for the client's TapToTalk. The client's TapToTalk belongs to the client and resides in the client's own Designer account. The client gives you access to that TapToTalk by sharing it with your Designer account.

Your client simple "invites" you to share their TapToTalk. When you accept the invitation, you will see your client's TapToTalk in your TapToTalk Designer account. You can add pictures and sounds to their albums from your account. You can add albums to their TapToTalk. You can publish albums for their TapToTalk. It is still their TapToTalk, the one in their TapToTalk Designer account. They just let you share it for design work!

You do not use one of your TapToTalks to access the one(s) shared with you. For example, if you have a Pro account with two TapToTalks, any TapToTalks that your clients share with you are in addition to the two that you own. They don't pay more for this feature, and you don't pay more either.

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