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TapToTalk Pricing Model: Home, Pro and Agency
You can add TapToTalks to any
Designer account for only $100 each

TapToTalk Designer is the online program you use to assemble pictures and sounds into AAC albums. Your albums can then be played on any of the many devices TapToTalk supports.

The basic version of Designer is called TapToTalk Home. It costs $149.95, and is for parents or others who want to organize pictures and sounds for one child.

For SLPs, OTs, special education teachers, AAC and AT specialists and other special needs professionals and school staff who serve more than one child's AAC needs, Designer also comes in a Pro version and an Agency version. TapToTalk Home can be upgraded to Pro or Agency at any time by adding TapToTalks for $100 each.

TapToTalk Pro and TapToTalk Agency are priced "per child." But "per child" really means "per individualized set of AAC albums." We call an individualized set of AAC albums a TapToTalk. Typically, one TapToTalk is used by one child. For example, Johnny has his set of albums, geared to his needs. Susie has her TapToTalk albums that are individualized just for her. And so forth.

But what if several children use exactly the same content? For example, a special ed classroom my have a number of students who all use the exact same TapToTalk content on their iPads. Well, that is just one TapToTalk, one individualized set of AAC albums.

It does not matter how many devices you play a TapToTalk on. We do not charge per device. We charge for each individualized set of AAC albums you have the ability to design.

Another example would be a set of assessment albums used by a speech therapist. No matter how many kids use it, no matter how many devices it runs on, it is just one TapToTalk. But when you customize albums for a specific child, that's another TapToTalk.

TapToTalk Pro is for a professional serving two or more children with individualized AAC albums. The base price is $229.95. This gives you the ability to design two separate TapToTalks. You can add additional TapToTalks to a Pro account at any time for only $100 each, and when a Pro account reaches three TapToTalks, it automatically becomes an Agency account. Pro also gives you the ability to share pictures and sounds among TapToTalks, and save reusable TapToTalk templates you can use to help build a specific child's TapToTalk.

TapToTalk Agency is for schools that have several professionals serving several students with individualized AAC albums. The base price is $299.95. This gives you the ability to design three separate TapToTalks. You can add additional TapToTalks to an Agency account at any time for only $100 each. Agency has all the features of Pro, and also gives you the ability to control which staff can do design work on each TapToTalk. There are additional features to further enhance design collaboration and maintain centralized administrative control.

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