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Sharing TapToTalks and TapToTalk Design
Many ways to share
TapToTalk provides several ways of sharing TapToTalks and TapToTalk Design:

Each of these is discussed further below.

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Run the same TapToTalk on multiple devices
You can run a TapToTalk on as many devices as you wish. These can be the same or different types of devices. It's that simple. There is no extra charge for this.
Share your Designer Account with another person
TapToTalk Designer is an online program. It can be accessed from any Windows PC, Macintosh or iPad connected to the Internet.

This means you can share your login information (email address and password) with anyone you wish. When you do, they have full access to your Designer account, as if they were you.

Share your TapToTalk with another Designer user
With the TapToTalk Sharing feature of Designer, you can "invite" another TapToTalk Designer user anywhere in the world to view and/or make changes to your TapToTalk. When the invitation is accepted, they will see your TapToTalk in their TapToTalk Designer account. They can, if you so choose, add pictures and sounds to your albums from their account. They can publish albums for you for your TapToTalk. It is still your TapToTalk, the one in your TapToTalk Designer account. You've just let them share it for design work!

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Share TapToTalks among TapToTalk Agency users
In TapToTalk Designer Agency Edition, a TapToTalk and all of its Albums can be shared among the users within the Agency. The sharing privileges are one of the TapToTalk's properties, just like TapToTalk Name, TapToTalk ID and Password. You can add sharing privileges when you create a TapToTalk or change them later by editing the TapToTalk's properties.

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