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TapToTalk Sound and Language Support
TapToTalk Designer gives you more choices
TapToTalk Designer gives you the most choices for the sound played when a picture is tapped:
  • Choose your language
  • Choose your vocabulary
  • Choose the voice and accent
  • Record your voice or use text-to-speech
All languages
TapToTalk is used in over 20 languages in more than 40 countries.

You can use TapToTalk with any language.

You can add text captions and descriptions to your pictures in any language

  • You can record speech in any language
  • You can let the computer generate speech in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish and Turkish with text-to-speech

TapToTalk Designer has an English user interface, so for design work, some familiarity with English is helpful

Choose from four easy ways to add sounds to pictures
  1. Record the sound using TapToTalk Designer's built-in recorder
    • You choose who makes the recording
    • Record in any language
  2. Use TapToTalk Designer's built-in text-to-speech
    • Choose from several languages and accents (see above)
    • Generate speech from text you enter
  3. Use TapToTalk Designer's Starter Albums
  4. Use sound files from your computer
    • Upload mp3, wav or wma format files (note that Windows Recorder stores files in wav or wma format)
    • Sound files may be up to 3mb in size