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Step 1: Choose a TapToTalk Designer Version

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TapToTalk Designer Home
for one child
For parents or others who want to organize pictures and sounds for one child.
TapToTalk Designer Pro
for two or more children
For an individual speech therapist or special needs professional who works with several children.
TapToTalk Designer Agency
for three or more children
For schools that have several professionals working with several children. Teachers, speech therapists and others can collaborate on designs.
One-Time Payment: $149.95 more info

Includes TapToTalk Designer
TapToTalk Picture Library 2600+ pictures
TapToTalk iPhone/iPad/iPod App
TapToTalk Amazon Fire App
TapToTalk Nook Color/Tablet App
TapToTalk Windows 8 App
TapToTalk Nabi Tablet App
TapToTalk Android App
TapToTalk Web App
more features

One-Time Payment: $229.95 for 2 children
$100.00 for each additional child
more Pro price info

All TapToTalk Home Features
Provides a TapToTalk for each child
Share pictures among TapToTalks
Share sounds among TapToTalks
Build reusable TapToTalk templates

One-Time Payment: $299.95 for 3 children
$100.00 for each additional child
more Agency price info

All TapToTalk Pro Features
Control who designs each TapToTalk
Administer your own designer logins
Collaborate on albums, pictures & sounds

Add TapToTalks at any time
Upgrade to Pro or Agency at any time
Add TapToTalks at any time
Upgrade to Agency at any time
Add TapToTalks at any time
Try TapToTalk for 30 days—Full refund if not completely satisfied
Run TapToTalk on any and as many devices as you wish—No extra charge